Ny orinasa dia mifantoka amin'ny fanjaitra totohondry nonwoven fabricst mahery folo taona.

Green fiarovana ny tontolo iainana

Green fiarovana ny tontolo iainana

Safe sy tontolo iainana dia tanteraka loko ampiasaina amin'ny fitaovana. Mandehana fitiliana ara-tontolo iainana.

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RuiAn Bokai Nonwovens Co., Ltd. Faritany tanànan'i Ruian Zhejiang.

Ny orinasa dia mifantoka amin'ny fanjaitra totohondry nonwoven fabricst mahery folo taona.

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  • The felt is characterized by elasticity, which can be used as shock proof, sealing, lining and elastic steel needle cloth bottom felt material. Felt cloth has good adhesion and is not loose. It can be cut into parts of various switches; it has good heat preservation performance and can be used as...

  • 1. Aesthetic angle: beautify and decorate the environment.   Because of the different colors of the carpet, the indoor carpet can give people a good mood. People are in the room   Among them, there is a comfortable and relaxed feeling.   2. Easy installation and laying: it is suitable for matchin...

  • Exhibition carpet (disposable carpet) classification: According to the materials, it can be divided into polyester short fiber and polypropylene short fiber. It can be divided into red, black red, white, blue (sky blue, dark blue, royal blue and light blue), blue grey, green (grass green, black g...

  • Exhibition carpet product features: fully in line with environmental requirements, good quality, non slip, easy to clean soft, fashionable and modern pattern. Advantages: moistureproof, antiskid, antistatic, wear-resistant, easy to clean, cost-effective! High density polypropylene stripe surface,...

  • The exhibition carpet, also known as needled non-woven carpet, is laid into a network through different equipment and processes. After needling and other processes, different fibers are interwoven with each other, intertwined and fixed with each other to standardize the fabric, making the fabric ...

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